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Anti-scorch agent
Ingredients: N-phenyl-N-(3-chloromethylmercapto)-benzenesulfonamide and EPDM
Appearance: light yellow particles
Density (g/cm3): 1.28±0.04
Mooney viscosity, ML(1+4)at50℃: 40±10
Packing: 25kg/carton
Storage period: 12 months under cool and dry conditions
1. FST EC-80GE is a scorch inhibitor for natural rubber and synthetic rubber, especially suitable for EPDM, NBR and HNBR. It can significantly extend the scorch time, but does not affect the vulcanization speed.
2. FST EC-80GE can improve the storage stability of the rubber compound and prevent natural vulcanization during storage.
3. FST EC-80GE is especially suitable for use with thiazole accelerators. For thiuram vulcanization system, it can be used as a second accelerator to reduce vulcanization time and improve production efficiency.
4. FST EC-80GE is pollution-free, does not change color, and will not produce carcinogenic nitroso compounds harmful to the human body during the vulcanization process.
5. FST EC-80GE can significantly increase the vulcanization crosslinking density of EPDM and NBR compounds, increase the tensile stress, and reduce the permanent compression set.
6. FST EC-80GE can regenerate the rubber that has been subjected to high temperature treatment or has the risk of scorching.
Usage: Join before mixing.
Suggested dosage: 0.1~1.0phr.

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