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Anti-scorch agent
Ingredients: N-cyclohexyl thiophthalimide and EPDM
Appearance: white particles
Density (g/cm3): 1.10±0.04
Mooney viscosity, ML(1+4)at50℃: 45±10
Packing: 25kg/carton.
Storage period: 12 months under cool and dry conditions
1. FSTCTP-75GE is a very effective early vulcanization inhibitor, with almost no effect on vulcanization.
2. FST CTP-75GE can effectively prevent the scorching of the rubber compound during processing. Thereby, high-temperature and high-speed operation of the calender and extruder becomes possible, and the production capacity of the vulcanizer is improved.
3. FST CTP-75GE can improve the storage stability of the rubber compound and prevent natural vulcanization during storage.
4. FST CTP-75GE can regenerate the rubber that has been subjected to high temperature treatment or has the risk of scorching.
5. The usual dosage of FST CTP-75GE is 0.1-0.4phr. When the dosage exceeds 0.6phr, spitting may occur. Higher dosages may slightly affect the tensile strength, but 0.1-0.15phr of sulfur can be added to compensate.
Usage: Join before mixing.
Suggested dosage: 0.1~0.5phr.

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