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FST Si172-50

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FST Si172-50
Coupling agent
Ingredients: vinyl tris (2-methoxyethoxy) silane and inorganic filler
Appearance: white powder
Density (g/cm3): 0.60±0.05
Packing: 25kg/carton
Storage period: 6 months under cool and dry conditions
1. FST Si172-50 is a bifunctional molecule with both polar and non-polar functional groups. It can react with inorganic fillers and organic polymers.
2. FST Si172-50 can increase the tensile strength of the rubber compound, increase the cross-linking density, reduce the compression set, and improve the comprehensive physical and mechanical properties of the product.
3. FST Si172-50 is suitable for peroxide cross-linked rubber compound with better heat aging performance.
4. FST Si172-50 is suitable for all kinds of rubber, polyolefin, polyester, thermoplastic elastomer and cellulose fiber.
5. FST Si172-50 is used in transparent rubber soles, tires, wires and cables, TPR, EVA products and printing inks.
6. FST Si172-50 is more convenient to weigh and more stable in storage and transportation.
Uses: added together with filler.
Dosage: 2-6phr.

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