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Knowledge of antioxidants
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Every day we open in her spare computer browser information about the industry, but the choice of what kind of information are you most worth it? And how to choose on their own will have help? Xiao Bian today to tell you that we have every day for everyone to edit the most useful news and describes the most quality product information, please pay attention to our news, let you gain a lot! Today small for you a brief knowledge of antioxidants.

Broadly speaking, most weak reducing agent are antioxidants, but depending on the industrial use to select the appropriate. Has high chemical and physical stability, low toxicity or weak reducing agent can be applied neat formulations as antioxidants. For example: Citric acid is a weak organic acid reductive, we can be applied to beverage formulations plays the role of antioxidants; food placed a long time easy to oxidative deterioration, you can add a small amount of an antioxidant to prolong their storage time; plastics, synthetic fibers and rubber and other polymer materials susceptible to thermal oxidative degradation, adding antioxidants to maintain good performance polymer materials and prolong life.

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