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Note the use of antioxidants
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Everyday life, it is not very common antioxidants, the use of antioxidants precautions is not very curious about it, let Xiaobian tell Precautions your antioxidants it.
(1) add timing
As can be seen from the mechanism of action of antioxidants, anti-oxidants can only hinder lipid oxidation, delaying the start corrupt food time, but can not change the consequences have been worse, so antioxidants to join as soon as possible. It has been reported that addition of antioxidants (BHA and BHT) in boil oil process more effective.
(2) appropriate use and preservatives different, add the amount of antioxidants and antioxidant effects are not always positively correlated, when more than a certain concentration, not only enhancing the antioxidant effect, but has the effect of promoting the oxidation.
(3) antioxidant
Where two or more of a mixture of antioxidants, the antioxidant effect is often greater than the sum of single use. This phenomenon is called synergistic antioxidant effect. Is generally believed that this is due to the different antioxidants may terminate chain reaction of lipid oxidation were at different stages. Another synergy i.e. primary antioxidants with other antioxidants and metal ion chelator compound used, such as ascorbic acid can be used as a primary antioxidant regenerating agent (electrically to donor), an oxygen scavenger, a metal chelator, which browning The product also has antioxidant activity. Synergy of these two has been proved, and widely used in the lipid oxidation.
(4) was dissolved and dispersed
Antioxidants on soluble in oil antioxidant effects, such as water-soluble ascorbic acid can be used in the form of palmitate for fat oxidation. Oil-soluble antioxidants commonly used solvent carrier incorporating them into fat or lipid-containing food, which solvent is a mixture of propylene glycol or propylene glycol and the glycerol monooleate. Antioxidants added to the pure oil, it can be in the form of a concentrated solution under stirring directly into (60 ℃), and must be stirred for some time under exclusion of oxygen conditions, can guarantee the anti-oxidant system evenly divided.
(5) a metal oxidant and antioxidant synergists
Transition element metals, particularly those having suitable oxidation-reduction potential of the transition metal trivalent or polyvalent (Co, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni) has a strong action to promote the oxidation of fat is called co-oxidizing agent. So you must try to avoid mixing of these ions, however due to contamination of the process vessel or other reasons present in the soil, food often contain these ions.
(6) Avoid light, heat, the effects of oxygen
The use of antioxidants while also promote fat oxidation factors note the presence of such light, especially ultraviolet light, can easily cause fat oxidation, can be dark packaging materials, such as aluminum composite plastic bags to store fat-containing foods.
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