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Antioxidant Mechanism
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In recent years, the emergence of antioxidants by more and more attention, then, did you know that the antioxidant mechanism of it? Next, look for small series antioxidant mechanism of action, we hope to be able to help.

1, the stability of the use of the polymer chain scission type antioxidant.
Intervention of antioxidant chain reaction active species reflect mechanisms that segment chain donor mechanism (CB-D) and the segment chain receptor mechanism (CB-A) CB-D mechanism typically peroxide only group with inhibitors such as phenols, followed by the reaction between the aromatic amines. Students from out of AH inhibitors can only base reaction formula (1-43) as the eradication of a peroxide group PO2.
2, the use of high polymer pre antioxidant stability
Prophylactic or co-antioxidants decomposable hydroperoxide, without intermediate formation of free radicals, and therefore, they are prevented by the hydrogen peroxide decomposition is caused by free radicals is a branched chain.
3, an antioxidant synergy between
A very well-known example is the dual-cinnamoyl-thiobis acid resin (DLTDP) or bis-stearoyl-thiobis acid resin (DSTDP) and sterically hindered phenols, thermally stable polymer in certain in terms of applications. Another very important examples of synergy is to improve the melt stability during polyolefins, see sterically hindered phenolic and phosphite lipid complex role.

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